Body Butter

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February 7, 2014 by beccawittman

I stand before you, a changed seventh grader.

My hair is pink, I have been to a Literal Middle School Dance, and I’ve forgotten to study for a test more than once. I listen to good bands with sadly weird names that make people think you’re emo or spend your free time making cosplays. Yesterday I had to borrow my teacher’s shoes. I don’t cry when I bite my tongue anymore. I have converted various friends to my cult TV shows. Yesterday I ran a relay in heels. This seventh grader is also slightly obsessed with bath and body products.

(See that? That’s Shea butter I spent my leftover Christmas money on. My hands smell like Africa. I’m serious.)

I’ve also been watching a Pretty Little Liars and I think I understand approximately 10% of it, but it’s a good show and it usually doesn’t bring me to tears like Doctor Who does. HAHAHAHA kill me.

Whipped Body Butter Recipe:

1 cup solid Shea butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup grape seed/olive oil
Essential oil of your choice

Melt shea butter and olive oil together over a double boiler. Then add your grapeseed oil and essential oils:


And then let everything cool on the counter/in the fridge until semi-hard. Then just dump everything in the mixer and whip until fluffy and white.

Ta-da! Beautiful, moisturizing lotion for your benefit.

Bye, Becca


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